Ages: 3 – 5 years

Laugh & Learn

A Music Class for Preschoolers

Class Structure: 45 minutes/week

Cost: $53/month (Tuition & Materials)

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School Year 2016-2017 Schedule

His blanket becomes a superhero’s cape…

A cardboard box doubles as her magic castle… Kitchen chairs line up as a train…Sound like someone you know? Your child’s imagination is engaged full steam ahead! Laugh & Learn recognizes and supports the joyful exuberance of your preschooler by encouraging him to interact with his peers and focusing on his love of pretend play. Using pretend play and storytelling this class takes your child on a delightful adventure each week filled with singing, movement, games, and instrument exploration to capture your child’s potential to learn and to encourage cognitive and literacy skills, creativity and individuality. Our classes will promote problem-solving skills, encourage emerging literacy skills, and develop a more expressive use of the body. Beginning musical concepts are introduced through experiences with a variety of instruments, listening, ensemble experiences, exposure to symbolic representation, and an increased emphasis on healthy and appropriate singing. Your child’s self-esteem will grow as he actively contributes to activities and begins to take ownership of his own learning.

What you’ll experience in class:

Pretend Play. Pretend play activities are integrated with music, vocal development, storytelling, listening, movement and literacy aspects of each class. When based upon a child’s real life experiences, pretend play helps develop language, sensory, motor and cognitive skills.

Musical Variety and Singing. Activities include a mixture of musical genres and styles and provide a setting for your child to explore his many voices and to use a “singing voice.” Singing helps with memory and recall, physical development, creativity and socialization.

Storytelling and Literacy. Each class is built on the development of a story, so you’ll hear preschoolers search for the word to say what they mean and try to keep up with their busy minds, emerging wants, needs, likes, and dislikes.

Exposure to Music Literacy Concepts. Your child is now ready for a new step in his musical learning. Laugh & Learn recognizes the readiness for greater musical complexity and presents your child with rhythmic activities and graphic notation designed to help your child develop true musicianship while maintaining a spirit of play.

Parent Involvement. Preschoolers are learning to be self-sufficient in a group setting of peers, while many times still need the emotional security provided by a parent. He’ll experience both in Laugh & Learn.  Caregivers participate in the first 10-15 minutes of class. Plus the Home Materials (including music, books, and more activities to share at home) ensures the learning continues at home with your child’s best teacher—you!

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