When are we ready for Private Lessons?

Here’s a note from Mrs. Joy on this topic:

As parents, we want the best for our kids.  I am more than a little bit of a perfectionist about things, but when it comes to my kids, I tend to read every bit of data and research I can find to uncover what is really the “best” for them.  This question was no different for me.

I am a musician.  I have taught piano.  I have taught voice.  (In fact, I was on the voice faculty at Millikin University before I feel in love with teaching babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.)  And I am married to man who holds a degree in piano performance, so you can imagine that this issue was incredibly important to me.  As our first-born son, Sam, began to approach the age that many families begin to think about private lessons, I asked myself, what is really the best option for us?  I consulted the experts.  I read books on the best practices in early childhood music.  I talked to the piano teachers I most respect, and I consulted with two different piano pedagogy professors, people who are genuinely experts in the best methods for teaching piano to anyone of any age. Below you’ll see what I’ve learned and the path I have chosen for my own children as a result.

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What are the advantages of waiting till age 6 or 7 to start formal music lessons? SelectShow

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She says she wants to take piano lessons now, and I'm worried she'll lose interest if we don't start right away. SelectShow

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We're ready for Private Lessons. Now what? SelectShow

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