Which Agegroup is Best for Us?

The Kindermusik philosophy

springs from genuine respect for each child’s individual rate of development. Class activities and Home Materials are designed to honor, support, and celebrate the wonderful uniqueness of each child. Classes have overlapping age ranges to help parents accommodate their child’s own needs.  Even better, our new curricula allow for seemless transitions from one agegroup to the next.  Turning 3 in November, no worries!  We can move you from Wiggle & Grow (for ages 2-3.5 years) to Laugh & Learn (for ages 3-4.5 years) whenever you and your kiddo are ready.

However, we know everyone wants to get the right fit right from the start, and we recognize that each child is different and that sometimes schedules and other factors come into play.  So, here are some general guidelines to help you find the best fit for your child:

  • Cuddle & Bounce (0-12 months) is one of our newest curricula created with activities that are perfect for our sweet little infants and crawlers.
  • Sing & Play (12-24 months) was designed with new walkers in mind and is for young toddlers whose job is exploring and walking, walking, walking.  These are the little ones who are into everything at your house, turning on and off lights, and opening and closing doors, drawers, and cabinets.
  • Wiggle & Grow (2-3.5 years) was written with two-year-olds and young three-year-olds in mind.  In fact, if you find your three-year-old still likes having you close by and/or you really enjoy sharing Kindermusik with them each week and aren’t ready to move on to the more “drop-off” style of Laugh & Learn, then this class is for you.  (Note:  We do have two classes of Laugh & Learn on Wednesdays and Fridays that are offered with parents in attendance for the whole class.)
  • Laugh & Learn (3-4.5 years) fits the bill for three-and four-year-olds who are exploding with language, stories, and imagination.  These little guys are beginning to enjoy playing games, love playing pretend, and never stop talking or asking questions.  They are enjoying Preschool or Pre-K in many cases and are slowly figuring out how to be a part of a group all on their own.  Parents stay for the first 10-15 minutes only in these classes.
  • Move & Groove (4-6 years) is our newest addition for four-year-olds and young five-year-olds.  These Pre-K kids are ready for more challenging ensemble activities, complex games, and even some early practice in music reading and writing.  This class makes the perfect transition to our Young Child curriculum and even overlaps some Young Child activities for those older kids who join our Kindermusik program mid-year or who need a class earlier in the day or on Saturdays.  Parents stay for the first 10-15 minutes only in these classes.
    • Kindermusik for the Young Child (5-7 years) realizes the developmental leap to the school-age child.  Musically, it is the culmination of all that has come before; in addition to movement, instrumental play, singing, and creating, Young Child students begin a more systematic process of learning musical notation (note and rhythmic), and begin learning to play a melody instrument, the glockenspiel.  Many of our kids in Young Child are starting Kindergarten, though some are still in Pre-K.  At this point class begins to resemble a more school-like setting, with weekly homework and playful practice time outside of class.

    Of course, we are always here to discuss individual questions and concerns- please do not hesitate to contact us – sharing in your child’s developmental journey is both our profession and our joy.

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